• Things We've Made

    We're proud of the work that we've accomplished. It's what we love to do. Here are a few of the samples of what we've created, but unfortunately, it won't show you the research, strategic thinking and marketing that went into making most of these pieces. For that, you will have to come in and talk to us.

    • Our studio was created in Brantford in 1987. Since then we have thought of ourselves as very creative people who have found a way to pull one over on life. We get to be creative, imaginative, do what we truly love, and get this, we get paid for doing it. Our clients say they return because we provide excellent client based service and because we consistently produce top quality material in graphics, print and web design.

      Our work isn't really work to us, it's our passion in Brantford. It's fun, it's exciting and the more challenging the project, the better we feel. This website will show you some of the things we can do, but it will be far more fun if you give us a call and invite us over - or better still, drop by our office in Brantford to discuss brand planning and positioning, identity and collateral development, advertising, direct marketing, trade show materials, product naming and launches, website design, web-based solutions and social media services, or even just the latest hockey game.

      At our core, we feel that creativity, like opportunity is boundless and if you take the time to look, really look, you will see that this website is also about the clients that have worked with us. They are like you. They could be you. They believe in a vision and a direction that will make them successful and they know that using us is one of the best choices they can make because they know we know what it takes to become a success.

    • Our business, like every other design and website development business on the planet started small then grew as our dreams and realities got bigger. We became successful. We became very good at what we do. We are successful because we know that a great design team requires talent, hard work, no egos and plenty of personality. You will see our personality in this site. We know you will be impressed by the work we have done and the people with whom we have worked.

      We're not bragging or name dropping but there is a pretty impressive list of clients in this website who by any and all definitions are incredibly successful. As great as we are at what we do, and we are, it wouldn't matter unless our clients stood behind and believed in what they do. And that's the point. That's exactly the point! We do too! We know that we are good at what we do - which is to make you look great. But talent isn't enough. Lots of design firms have talented people. What makes us different and we say better, way better, is our attitude. We have fun. We look forward to and enjoy meeting our client's needs and exceeding their expectations. You see, successful people really do surround themselves with successful people.

      Browse around, have some fun.

    Vance Merson

    Founder and Creative Director - Strategic Thinker

    Vance Merson

    Known for his passion for branding, this unofficial brand guru has been designing for over 25 years. Consistently pushing for innovation, Vance has the ability to see beyond the average solution and strike a realistic balance of what is possible and appropriate for today. Many of Vance’s professional partnerships are longstanding, characterized by a working process driven by mutual respect, integrity, and results. But in the end, Vance has realized that it all comes down to a few simple things: Get the right people on the bus - and in the right seat, a great idea can come out of no where - if you know where to look, and if you make something idiot proof - someone will just make a better idiot. View CV

    Jordan Stewart

    Art Director - Rock Star

    Jordan Stewart

    Before joining our studio, Jordan acquired years of experience at various firms in Toronto. His specialty is print and ranges from identity and branding to direct mail. Jordan likes to bring his laid back approach into the office and that translates to a slick, smooth, uncluttered style, unfortunately this is unlike his work area. His motto: keep your message simple - people only understand a few chords at a time. That's true in his off time as well when you can find him playing one of his many guitars with incredible ease and precision. While Jordan likes to travel, the events during an office outing to Detroit for game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals changed that. We would like to publish the details, the courts are very clear on what we can and can not talk about. Needless to say, our future office excursions have all remained within the borders of this great country of ours, officer.

    Steph Drayson

    Traffic Manager - The Sixth Beatle

    Steph Drayson

    After a year of enjoying motherhood Steph is back with a renewed energy and desire to run the office and control the 'traffic' like only she can. Steph runs a tight ship, between making sure that day to day office life runs smoothly, organizing web/print projects from concept to completion, client requests, and keeping the office testosterone in check... is it nap time yet?! She feels that keeping a watchful eye on her little guy Harrison is great training to keep tabs on everything, and everyone here. 

    Heather Saunders

    Social Media Specialist - Plush Artist Extraordinaire

    Heather Saunders

    Our social media guru, Heather was born just down the street in Burlington! She grew up in BC, Nova Scotia, and Iowa where she attended the University of Iowa before returning to Hamilton to finish a BA in English at McMaster. Heather is a self-professed bookworm and dog/cat lady with a huge soft spot for strays.

    A business owner since 2007, Heather has created and developed a successful social media empire for her plush toy line, Needlings. A plush artist and credited lyric editor, Heather is passionate about business, social media, creative writing and character design. We're expecting a custom line of office plush toys soon… first up, Teddy Bear Jordan - any orders?

    Jill Slack

    Copywriter Extraordinaire - Soccer Mom

    Jill Slack

    Jill is our talented copywriter. She’s written for every type of media, in virtually every sector. Print, broadcast, digital, social, PR, technology, retail, automotive, consumer goods, B2B, B2E—you name it, Jill has written it. She really knows how to put clients at ease with just the right questions to ask. And during her 10-plus years as a successful writer, Jill has learned something new about her craft every day. She’s learned that sleep is overrated, you can always count on “creatives” to wear black, and she would rather write about you and your business than herself. View CV

    Rick Morgan

    Marketing Guru - Blue Ocean Enthusiast

    Rick Morgan

    Rick is our go-to expert on all strategic marketing matters. With over four decades consulting on the marketing, communications and research needs of clients, Rick is one of the heavy hitters behind major projects for Dofasco and Interac to name but a few. Rick reminds us all of another heavy hitter - Clint Eastwood. Aside from a sometimes remarkable resemblance to the ex Carmel mayor, Rick arrives for a meeting like Clint rides into the final showdown where he faces the Rojos in A Fist Full of Dollars - incredibly well prepared. And while Rick can make a great entrance in his Corvette Stingray, we usually see him drive up in his beige Saturn - kinda like Clint arriving on a donkey - but he somehow makes it work. View CV

    Bryon Steckley

    Number Chruncher - Biker

    Bryon Steckley

    Bryon has been in the numbers business for over 25 years now, and has clawed his way up the corporate ladder to received his CMA-Certified Management Accountant designation around the year we started our studio. 8 years ago, just like Jed Clampett, he packed up his family and moved to… Brantford? Bryon is known for always keeping busy, either in continuing his education or building up quite the family - 5 children and 2 grandkids so far. And when Bryon needs to take a break, you'll find him riding to Port Dover on his Honda Goldwing - catch him there on Friday the 13th.

    Nicole Childs

    Web Designer and SEO Specialist - Scrabble Champion

    Nicole Childs

    With over nine years experience in marketing, web, and a journalism diploma from Conestoga College, Nicole calls herself a word architect and spins unique and informative content for multiple mediums. Her way with words, and past experience as a Search Engine Optimizer helps her to expertly pull and craft key words and navigate the world of Google marketing. Spending too much time staring at key words can make anyone's eyes cross, so that's when she added web design and web development to her repertoire. Her experience and creativity bring flair and finesse to client websites and marketing materials. When not glued to her computer, Nicole can be found walking her dog Hunter or challenging friends to Scrabble matches… she is the (self proclaimed) champion after all!

    Stan Gorecki

    Account Executive - Beach Bum

    Stan Gorecki

    With a BA from York U, Stan began working with us as a client many years ago with his first business. Now he's come full circle and is part of our team as an Account Executive. Stan draws from his experience as a business owner to help improve other businesses, by understanding the importance of tracking results, and ensuring that marketing dollars are being utilized to the highest advantage. His career in sales and operations has taken him from Toronto to Detroit visiting every kind of business in between. He has been recognized for his sales success, marketing success (including a national nomination) and entrepreneurial efforts (one of "Report on Business's" Ontario's Top 100 Entrepreneurs). When he's not busy helping improve your business, Stan is driving his daughter to a stable or a rugby field or taking his son to a baseball diamond somewhere in Ontario, all while trying to figure out when he can get to a beach next! View CV

    Kerina Williamson

    Marketing Consultant - Snow Fanatic

    Kerina Williamson

    Throughout her career, Kerina has had the opportunity to gain both corporate and advertising agency experience before becoming a part of our team. Her diverse background ranges from conducting research studies to working with the RIM team to develop and implement global marketing programs. Her broad agency experience includes strategic development and project management for both consumer and business-to-business clients. Kerina holds a BA major in Psychology, Minor Business Administration from Bishop's University as well as being a Certified Advertising Agency Practitioner through the Institute of Communication Agencies. She certainly brings a lot to the GLD table, and for that we are grateful, especially when she brings coffee!

  • Messaging and Strategy

    Developing a message is an important part of marketing for a company. However, aligning the message and strategy with the brand is something that each company should integrate into all of their marketing activities, website design included.

    Implementing a concrete strategy and message is a multi-step process. Research, analysis, feedback and the development of a brand vision are all important parts. Once a vision has been created, development of the brand and future creative advertising and marketing plans can begin.

    The message and strategy are two important components that when utilized properly will become the base for all promotional activities. The message and strategy need to be intertwined and clear. A weak message and strategy will confuse consumers and the message will not get across.

    When this is completed, the corporate identity and brand need to be developed that align with the message and strategy.

    Corporate Identity/Branding

    Branding and identity are some of the most effective tools that can be used in advertising and web design. When a company has an ineffective or poor brand, potential clients may be missed which can ultimately result in lost sales. A bad brand can stick with a company for a long time, as can a good brand. It’s important to develop a brand that not only reflects the company, but also appeals to consumers. A good brand will stand out in the crowd. It is the foundational piece in marketing communication. A good brand clearly delivers the message, show the credibility of the company, and motivates buyers. The brand needs to be developed consistently in all aspects of the business.

    The logo and slogan a company creates becomes the public face of the company. These need to reflect the marketing strategy of the company. Creating a logo is about reflecting the organization - the people and products. It needs to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Slogans need to capture the entire corporate identity in a phrase that captures the attention of consumers. It’s very important for a company to have a solid logo and slogan, because this is what consumers base their judgments about the company on.

    Web Design and Development

    The website industry has been one of the fastest growing industries in the world. However, there is more to web design than just the look and feel of it. By implementing the company’s marketing strategy into the website, the brand will shine through. Strategizing ways to drive traffic to the website is just as important as the website itself.

    Branding the website is different than branding any other promotional material. What is unique about website design is that they can regularly be updated with changes taking effect immediately. Many companies depend on their websites to be the driving force behind sales and new clientele. Creating a design that is easily understandable, effective, professional, unique, and consistent with the brand image is important. A website can raise brand awareness. A website can help in creating top-of-mind awareness for consumers.

    In addition to this, the internet itself is constantly changing. Think back to a couple years ago and the rate of change in social media has been enormous. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs are becoming the norm for advertising and getting a company’s name known. Knowing how to utilize these tools effectively can reach mass amounts of people with little cost and a high return.

    Graphic/Print Design

    Graphic and Print design encompasses much more than simple print ads. Billboards, magazine ads, postcards, mailers, brochures, signs, greeting cards, business cards and newspaper ads are all a part of print. The importance of graphically designing these ads to reflect the message and strategy as well as the branding is huge. Without consistency, branding is lost. Overall creative graphic design is key.

    Print ads need to convey a clear message that reaches consumers in an effective way while achieving brand continuity. Careful planning and consideration has to take place to not only place the ad in a spot where it will reach the target audience in the most effective way, but also at the most advantageous times.

    Display Design

    Recognizing donors, sponsors, or employees is important. When people feel appreciated for their time, monetary donations or accomplishments, morale is boosted and there is a certain element of status gained for honorees. A hierarchy of goals creates new levels to reach. It has been proven that as a result of this hierarchy, more money is raised, more time is donated, and employees feel motivated to reach the next level.

    Each display requires knowledge, expertise, and creative talent to design and build in a way that is unique to the company and captures the attention of all who see it.

  • Websites We're Wasting Time On

    When we're not busy making your company look amazing, we spend some free time browsing the net. Whether it's looking for things that will help your business grow, or sites to fuel our childlike immaturity. Here's some of our favourite we'd like to share with you:

    What's Playing in the Office

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    The Office Hockey Pool

    I think this picture about sums it up! - Matt

    Go Matt!

    Future Southern Ontario Hockey Team?

    Don't even know what to say here other than sign us up for seasons tickets please!

    We're kidding we love the
  • Somedays, we like to think of ourselves as students, albeit the ones that spend a lot of time sitting outside the principals office for pulling a wedgie on all the browners in our school, getting caught making out in the teachers lounge with the substitute art teacher and mooning the entire cheerleading squad... and sometimes, we like to consider ourselves as teachers, albeit substitute teachers, the ones that got hit with spitballs, who threw chalk brushes at the students who wouldn't share their conversation with the rest of the class and who gave you homework to do over the Christmas holidays. We obviously loved the power!

    But the years have passed, and we've gotten over all of those things that have made us what we are today - for good or for... and we've decided to pass just a few of the things that we've learned... to you.

    So to the left, you'll find some helpful tips, things that will hopefully make your day just a little bit easier.

    Class is dismissed!

    • gldstudio.com is Different

      At gldstudio.com, our soon to be patented Compatibility Matching System narrows the field from millions of prospective clients to a highly select group that are compatible with us. Unlike other design firms where you may tediously work on project after project until you build up enough common trust to hand over the ‘big project', gldstudio.com does the matching for you based on 10 Dimensions of Businessality that are scientifically-based predictors of long-term business relationship success.

      Scientific Matching

      Our compatibility matching models are based on over 25 years of studio experience and rigorous scientific research into which characteristics between client and designer are consistently associated with the most successful business relationships.

      Get started now! Simply fill out the questionnaire and we'll review and see if you match!

      (The same goes for prospective employees... bla bla bla... fill out the questionnaire...)